Bill Hunt

Search Engine Internationalization Roudtable

Many in the international search community have proposed a roundtable for several years to discuss challenges with internationalized content and websites. The challenges are more than indexing and ranking in local market SERPs; they include understanding language and target markets by search engines and managing datasets globally vs. locally, IP … Read More

Alternatives to Hreflang Attribute

In a LinkedIn post, Gary Illyes indicated SEOs are frustrated with hreflang and is seeking suggestions for alternative methods.  Gary has been asking for this for several years, and most of the solutions presented at various conferences and sidebar conversations don’t seem viable.  This latest call for ideas has prompted … Read More

How to Use HREFLang X-Default Effectively

The hreflang X-default option creates a lot of confusion on how and when to use it. This guide will explain its purpose and provide several scenarios for using it effectively. When used as developed, it can effectively reduce cross-market cannibalization. What is the X-Default HREFLang Element? Multinationals asked for this … Read More