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Have you ever felt lost in the maze of HREFlang elements? Are you struggling with aligning alternate URLs across different market structures? Faced challenges with inflexible HREFLang syntax?

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  • Understanding & Fixing Common Hreflang Errors
  • Developing Your Hreflang Business Case
  • HREFLang implementation
  • HREFLang Demystified (Free)

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  • Understand the core purpose of HREFLang and its significance.
  • Unveil the direct and indirect benefits that can transform your SEO game.
  • Master the HREFLang syntax, guidelines, and various methods of implementation.
  • Debunk the myths and misconceptions surrounding HREFLang.
  • Over 20 hours of HREFLang training.

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Why Watch Our Free Module?

  • Clarity: Eliminate confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Expertise: Dive deep into HREFLang challenges and solutions.
  • Practicality: Learn from real-world implementation examples.
  • Flexibility: Understand different methods of implementation, from meta tags to XML sitemaps.
  • Closed Public Facebook Group: You’ll get access to a group of others also interested in HREFLang.

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Why Did We Make this Free?

  • Outdated and incorrect guides.
  • Free Tools are not 100% correct.
  • Confusion about language vs. regional language and using x-default.
  • Debunk the myths and misconceptions surrounding HREFLang.
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